Important Dates

  • November 5th- Palm Bay Long Doggers Car Wash 8am-11am
  • November 7th- Parent Meeting
  • November 11th- Head of The South (Augusta, Ga)
  • December 2nd- Gator Head Race (Gainesville, FL)
  • December 9th- Alumni Regatta (Ballard Park)
  • December 9th- Melbourne Light Parade
  • December 12th- Parent Meeting
  • December 27th- Private Viewing: The Boys in the Boat (Oaks Movie Theater)

Practice Schedule 

  • High School Practice
    4:00PM - 6:30PM 
    • Mon - Land Workout
    • Tue/Thu - Erg days
    • Fri/Sat - Water Days
  • Middle School Practice
    4:45PM - 6:30PM

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